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GraphQL Editor appreciated by developers in the State of GraphQL survey

By Michał Tyszkiewicz

Like many we have followed the State of JavaScript surveys quite closely over the years, as such we were excited to see the announcement of the very first State of GraphQL survey this year. While our devs are obviously very familiar with JS, GraphQL is our main focus and we were anxious to see what are the trends in its ecosystem. The results surprised us to say the least, we never expected to see our GraphQL Editor and Zeus included!

Peak retention

The overall libraries segment already showed some very promising data. GraphQL Editor was in the top 10 of all libraries for user retention and while the usage was lower, it did very well in the 1st quadrant which the authors described as low usage & high retention technologies worth keeping an eye on. While we obviously would’ve liked to see it included in the 2nd quadrant (high retention & high usage), that one was occupied by only Apollo, so we see this as a really good opportunity for growth.

The section dedicated to API Builders brought even more optimism as GraphQL Editor ranked #1 overall for retention! We’re really grateful to our users and we hope we can use their feedback to solidify that position in future editions of the survey.

Really high interest

Interest was also really high with GraphQL Editor squarely in the top5 just behind Hasura. This means a lot to us as we ranked far lower in usage and awareness so we hope we can get all those interested users to try our tool (especially taking into account retention was so high)

Zeus got in as well!

GraphQL Zeus was a side project done after hours by our programmers so to see it included was a nice little surprise as well. It’s little wonder it was low in awareness and usage as we did not promote it at all yet. But we see the interest and the potential it has, so you can expect great things in store for it as well!

All thanks to you

Overall we can only thank the community for showing us appreciation and interest. All we can promise is that we will continue to work on both these tools to make them even better for our users and attract as many new ones as we can by generating justified interest. The survey’s results gave us a big boost in confidence 💪 and a a clear direction. We’re aiming to really amaze the GraphQL community in the next edition of the survey! 🚀

Read the full survey here


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