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How can 5G influence mobile app development?

By Jakub Chomko

After 2G, 3G, and currently ruling 4G, here comes the time for… 5G! The new technology promises to increase the current transfer speed hundredfold which is about time as current internet infrastructure consumes more and more data to operate smoothly. Speed of up to 50Gbps open can not only allow for 4K streaming quality in your favorite Netflix series, but also for implementing solutions that were previously unavailable in the world of mobile app development.


Perhaps the most straightforward result of faster data transfers is close-to-zero latency in loading anything the device requests: apps, webpages, files, etc. Much more advanced and space-demanding concepts can be implemented in app development, as the loading time will no longer hinder their functionality. Also, apps demanding very up to date data, or those that send many requests every second will run much more smoothly. Smart app developers will likely use that to fully use their creativity in their products. I wonder if this change will not incentivize many to write inefficient apps that only work thanks to the incredible transfer speed.

VR revival

It appears that after a few years of buzz around the introduction of augmented reality, the initial excitement has fallen. The expectations of an incredible immersion were met with limitations of mobile devices, and data transfers. 5G-speed can be a gateway to much broader VR possibilities and its great comeback. Developers can soon start putting more elements of VR in their products with no fear of lack of users with devices capable of running them. The GSM Association estimates the number of 5G users to exceed 1.4B by 2025, so there shouldn’t be a problem of non-existent user-base.

Cloud computing

Finally, app developers can start making apps that don’t rely on the device storage so heavily. Instead, cloud or other web storage can be used more conveniently, as most files can be requested and returned in milliseconds. This is why 5G can boost the app development without the need for a big jump in hardware technology. With minor upgrades, current-level mobile devices can run advanced applications, especially when they don’t require massive internal storage space. We can expect a huge move into the direction of cloud computing soon, especially thanks to 5G technology.

Will the 5G tower fry my brain?

Probably only through the feast of new apps and products that will soon flood the market. 5G is the next logical step in the expansion of data transfer capabilities. It will surely influence the world of app development, as the implementations of previous generations did.



Jakub Chomko

Strategy Lead/Project Manager

In between the hunt for rare vinyl, he engages in project management and business strategy.

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