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Innovation first

When we create a new project, our priority is innovation. In our view, the important thing is not only the top quality of the product, it is also the use of bleeding-edge technologies that make it gain a unique, lasting advantage.

Make apps that last, cooperate with the best, change the world.

Create apps that will last

Most of our projects are complicated and require skills far beyond the scope of software development. Creation of the app does not end after development and series of releases. We are experienced marketers who know that even the most innovative apps need help to gain the attention they deserve.

Make the apps last

Our company aims to use bleeding-edge technology. This keeps your app always up to date with current trends and ensures that the tech used inside is maintained actively. Moreover, using such technology gives your app a head start and provides an unique opportunity to gain a significant competitive advantage. If you choose to cooperate with us, you can expect that your app will stand the test of time.

You can rest assured

We are confident that we can take up a problem that nobody else approached before. There were times when we quickly found a solution and the app was ready within a month, sometimes it took a few years of research and development to solve a complex Physics & IT problem. However, our team went through this process many times – with much success..

Our inventions speak for our experience themselves:

  • Weighing algorithm for mobile devices
  • Measuring distance using sound waves with a smartphone
  • Measuring temperature using sound waves with a smartphone
  • Creating a WebGL engine at the time when almost nobody knew what WebGL is
  • Creating C++ Native Engine for every platform.
  • Visual editor for GraphQL

Cooperate with the best

We enjoy cooperating with other innovative companies. If you would like to connect, cooperate, or just have a talk with us, we are very open to it. So just drop us a line and we’ll reach out to you.

Change the world


Here is a list of Open Source repositories our team members actively maintain.


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