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innovative system of deliveries

Foodeli replaces the need for restaurants to hire their own drivers with our efficient service, removing the organisational issues and financial obstacles.

GraphQL Editor

powerful online IDE for GraphQL

GraphQL Editor facilitates the design process of GraphQL APIs, speeds up your product’s time-to-market, and helps to translate API language into a visual language understandable to your clients & non-tech team members.


March, 2017

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shopping and delivery service

Foodeli Shop's mission is to make the life of people living in big cities more convenient. The mobile app shop offers a range of groceries, food products, stationery, office supplies, medicine and household products - all delivered with lightning speed.


April, 2021

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legal codes API

Kodeksy.online is an API service allowing users to build applications based on polish legal codes & regulations. It is currently the only API service providing access to a complete and up to date database of polish legal codes.


January, 2019

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online consultations with doctors

Lekmed24 offers an intuitive mobile app for audio and video consultations with doctors of various specialisations, available online, 24/7. Lekmed24's users can quickly and safely consult a doctor, thus saving the time & risk it takes to go to a clinic nowadays.


May, 2020

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Miejski Kurier

same-day-delivery solution

We believe that the final mile of delivery is often the most important part of the delivery chain, as it involves a pickup from a warehouse and ultimately a timely delivery (with to-the-minute accuracy) to the clients, shops or pickup points.


June, 2018

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