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Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

Specialists for every position

The market is full of specialists and software developers, but sometimes it's still not enough. That is why AEXOL has launched a staff augmentation service and body leasing. You choose what specialists you need and how much work you want to commission them. It can be a single simple backend project or a lot of complex work on different aspects of the software development process, UI/UX design, frontend, backend and whatever else you need.

Team Augmentation

Complete project support

You determine the amount of work and length of the rental and the daily time our specialists will devote to your project. You can request just a single developer who will work in one key area or an entire tem that will offer a wide range of help in the development process with a project manager, developers, designers and anything else your project needs. We only charge for the work done - no additional fees.

Team Augmentation

Body Leasing Service

Skills to fit your needs

Deadlines have a way of popping up in the most inconvenient of times. Fortunately you’re not alone and our experts are here to help. Our body leasing service can provide you with an experienced frontend or backend developer that will handle a key area of the project you need help with, ensuring everything is delivered on time. You decide what skills your project requires and we deliver the expert who has them.

Team Augmentation

Complete package

AEXOL can provide staff resources to complete every role in your future or existing development team. If one developer is not enough we can lease you an entire team with a project manager, developers, graphic designer and whatever else you need. Choose an engagement scheme that will suit your project needs – hourly, part-time or full-time – you can change it anytime. We are sure you will love your new AEXOL team members.

Battle tested experts

High quality body leasing

Relying on freelancers is often hit or miss and can lead to various results depending on their skill level. With our body leasing and team augmentation services you receive the help of experienced experts in their field who have handled numerous projects for various businesses and are well versed in working as a team. You can be sure they will handle everything you need and provide you with work on Aexol’s established level of quality.

Hire the Best Software Developers

The Best Software Developers in Poland!

A team with over 50 experienced developers

Your search for a company that will help you with staff augmentation is over! AEXOL is one of the largest and most experienced software development companies from northeastern Poland. We can provide you with high-quality experts that handle all areas of the development process and will help your team by sharing their rich experience.

AEXOL Work Principles

AEXOL builds its reputation by ensuring that employees produce high-quality work.


We work on the basis of Agile or Scrum - we adapt the workflow to the current changes.


We rely on communication to make sure everything is done as intended.


AEXOL believes in the value of collaboration and fostering a positive work environment.


Each employee tests the implemented actions and events.


We value independence and commitment to self-improvement by learning new things.


We ensure everyone is energized and involved by tracking commits and setting little day to day tasks.

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