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Software Consulting

Software Consulting

Custom solutions

Let’s talk and we’ll tell you how we handle software development and what makes us the best technology partner for startups and enterprises. Our IT consulting experts have over a hundred projects under their belt and can provide you with the best advice and detailed solutions, custom fitted to your business needs.

IT Consulting

Available around the clock

Working together takes effort, but the key is combining expertise with detailed communication. Our experts can show you that your idea is not impossible to realize and provide you with detailed advice and explanations based on their rich knowledge of all aspects of the software development processes. We’re always open to a meeting within 48 hours.

IT Consulting

Software Stack Assessment

AEXOL Software Consultants

Setting up a project with AEXOL means strict processes and controls to ensure deliverability. We specialize in development strategies for various types of businesses and can offer expert software advice assessing or assembling an entirely new software stack custom which will match the needs of the project.

Software Architecture

Estimation and Redesign

Our IT consulting service can evaluate your software ecosystem to set the right direction for your software development strategy. Try our solutions and see for yourself how well they work for your business. AEXOL specialists will offer advice on how to save costs in the process of software development and implement design according to the target market.

Development Process Oversight

With Software/Web/Mobile Consulting

We ensure constant contact with AEXOL’s IT and software consulting specialists. When needed, we can quickly arrange a meeting with our staff, live or online. Ensure you have a hands-on approach to the entire software development process and are updated with progress along the way.

Custom Software Development

Build a powerful DevOps pipeline to accelerate your software delivery process.


  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Amazon Dynamo DB
  • EnterpriseDB/PostgreSQL


  • MongoDB
  • MySQL
  • Redis
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Software Development Life Cycle

Brainstorming ideas that solve a particular problem faced by target users.


Interact with stakeholders and users to collect project requirements.


Creating the architecture of a software system and its elements.


Building the software using a programming language by the development team.


Evaluating the quality of software with the aim of finding and fixing defects.


Preparing the software to run and operate in a specific environment.


Updating and supporting the software after it has been delivered to the market.

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