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Software Design Process

Professional Product Design

Vision And Strategy

Even the finest idea for a digital project has to focus not only on the technical details but also on the visual aspect. Our team assembled to focus on your product's design will hold a few meetings with you to set goals and establish a clear direction for your product and ensure it is attractive to users.

User-first Mindset

High conversion rate

Product Design is about understanding the business objectives and finding a solution to every question. At the end of the day the key is attracting users to your app or website and to do so, it has to have visual appeal and provide great user experience. That’s exactly what our UI and UX designers are here for!

Product design

Focused Product Design

With Prototyping and Business Q&A

We create amazing digital products of any kind. We have the right people, processes and tools to transform your ideas into a winning product. Our experts are focused on making it fast, failure-free and fully usable for users of any kind.

Attractive Visuals

Expert graphic designers

AEXOL's graphic designers are ready to create everything from simple logo design to full web and mobile apps and everything in between. You can entrust everything to an experienced artist who will share your vision and ensure the end product looks exactly like you imagined.

Centered on the user

Fully Responsive with fine tuned UX/UI

The entire product design process is meant to join two worlds: business needs and user needs. Improving the application and making it more user-friendly, means developing the results and attracting more customers to your app/website. By focusing on the user’s experience and appealing to them visually our designers ensure the whole project will be a successful venture.

Our UX/UI Tech Stack

Expect instant results

At AEXOL we build prototypes that you can check live from your web browser. Our product design process is driven by cutting-edge web infrastructure.

  • Figma
  • Adobe XD
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Blender
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Sketch
  • Lunacy
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Procreate
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Software product design

Focus on the end user

Fulfilling the needs of the clients

What should your product design be focused on? The end user. At the end of the day what makes or breaks a project is how users react to it. If people will not use it, then it is obvious that the final product will not be successful and will not find its place on the market. Even small changes, like inserting forms or changing the call to action buttons, should take into consideration how they will interact with your customers, users, or workers. Your vision should always focus on the people and how they will react to your product. Be sure to always put your clients at the heart of your business.

Collaborate with designers whose work you feel

Our experts create products both practical and unique

Aexol’s product design process focuses on teamwork and communication. If the project involves working closely with people from within your business or your target market, we’re up for it. Our team makes sure your product will be on the right track all the way through its development road. Aexol’s designers create product conceptualizations based on both the clients ideas, user preferences and a bit of their own expert ideas. Before we start our cooperation, tell us all about what style you prefer and how you would like your product to look visually, we’ll offer expert advice during consultation and ensure we’re all on the same page and the end result looks just as great as you wanted it to.

Software product design
Product Design Process

Discuss market research with the client


Sketch ideas

Create visual renders


Product design

Schema tooling


Production of components


Create project brief


Develop concept

Refine design


Testing fit and function

Boost your digital strategy

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